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Implications of Einstein's Theory of Relativity




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It is no question now as to some of the most daring questions of 20th and 21st century science has answered to an astounding degree. These involve quantum physics to a large degree which has proven that time, mass, and space are all quantized. Planck time which observes that time can be no smaller than 10^-43seconds, shows that in the micro-cos, there is no such thing as infinite. As well as with mass and space which can not be further divided anymore at a point of 10^-33cm. Once that point is reached the matter becomes everywhere, a term called losing locality. As well as Edwin Hubble's discovery that the Universe is indeed expanding inside a finite realm proves that time began at a singular point. You ask, why do I bring these topics to light. Well to date many quantum physicist have committed suicide in light of their new discoveries that universe is indeed finite and the implications they bring on. Anyways, I have probably lost half the readers by now and I would like to share an article that articulates my point better: Be sure to watch the video after reading this article from "The Privileged Planet"

Einstein’s theories of both special and general relativity have been confirmed to be accurate to a very high degree over recent years, and the data has been shown to corroborate many key predictions; the most famous being the solar eclipse of 1919 bearing testimony that the light of stars is indeed deflected by the sun as the light passes near the sun on its way to earth. The total solar eclipse allowed astronomers to -- for the first time -- analyse starlight near the edge of the sun, which had been previously inaccessible to observers due to the intense brightness of the sun. It also predicted the rate at which two neutron stars orbiting one another will move toward each other. When this phenomenon was first documented, general relativity proved itself accurate to better than a trillionth of a percent precision, thus making it one of the best confirmed principles in all of physics.

Applying the principle of general relativity to our cosmos reveals that it is not static. Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) demonstrated in 1928 that the Universe is expanding, showing beyond reasonable doubt that the Universe sprang into being a finite time ago. The most common contemporary interpretation of this expansion is that this began to exist from the moment of the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago. However this is not the only plausible cosmological model which exists in academia, and many creation physicists such as Russell Humphreys and John Hartnett have devised models operating with a biblical framework, which -- to date -- have withstood the test of criticism from the most vehement of opponents.

Theory of Relativity – A Testament to Creation
Using the observed cosmic expansion conjunctively with the general theory of relativity, we can infer from the data that the further back into time one looks, the universe ought to diminish in size accordingly. However, this cannot be extrapolated indefinitely. The universe’s expansion helps us to appreciate the direction in which time flows. This is referred to as the Cosmological arrow of time, and implies that the future is -- by definition -- the direction towards which the universe increases in size. The expansion of the universe also gives rise to the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the overall entropy (or disorder) in the Universe can only increase with time because the amount of energy available for work deteriorates with time. If the universe was eternal, therefore, the amount of usable energy available for work would have already been exhausted. Hence it follows that at one point the entropy value was at absolute 0 (most ordered state at the moment of creation) and the entropy has been increasing ever since -- that is, the universe at one point was fully “wound up” and has been winding down ever since. This has profound theological implications, for it shows that time itself is necessarily finite. If the universe were eternal, the thermal energy in the universe would have been evenly distributed throughout the cosmos, leaving each region of the cosmos at uniform temperature (at very close to absolute 0), rendering no further work possible.

The General Theory of Relativity demonstrates that time is linked, or related, to matter and space, and thus the dimensions of time, space, and matter constitute what we would call a continuum. They must come into being at precisely the same instant. Time itself cannot exist in the absence of matter and space. From this, we can infer that the uncaused first cause must exist outside of the four dimensions of space and time, and possess eternal, personal, and intelligent qualities in order to possess the capabilities of intentionally space, matter -- and indeed even time itself -- into being.

Moreover, the very physical nature of time and space also suggest a Creator, for infinity and eternity must necessarily exist from a logical perspective. The existence of time implies eternity (as time has a beginning and an end), and the existence of space implies infinity. The very concepts of infinity and eternity infer a Creator because they find their very state of being in God, who transcends both and simply is.



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It is now the problem is not science as the 20th century and some of the most daring of 21 issues have been answered a surprising degree. These largely involve quantum physics has proven, time and quality, and space is quantified. Planck time, can be observed, time is not less than 10 ^ -43 seconds to show both sides in the micro, there is no such thing as unlimited. And with the people and space, can not be further divided into 33 cm, 1:10 ^. Once you reach this point, this problem has become ubiquitous, a term called the lost place. And Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is indeed a limited expansion of the field shows that in the beginning of a singular point in time. You ask, why do I light these themes. So far, many quantum physicists have committed suicide in view the new discovery they believe the universe is finite, in fact their impact. Anyway, I may have lost half the readers now, I would like to share with you an article to clarify my point better: Reading this article from the "must watch the video after the prerogative of the planet"

Einstein's theory of general relativity, both special and proved to be a very high level, accurate to 1 in recent years, data has shown a number of important predictions confirms that the most famous is, as bearing the 1919 solar eclipse testimony of light, the sun is really the star to the Earth by the deflection of light near the sun on the road after. Total solar eclipse, astronomers - the first time - the stars of the sun near the edge of the sun, which had been previously inaccessible due keen observer brightness. It also predicted the rate of two neutron stars orbit each other will move toward each other. When this phenomenon was first documented, general theory of relativity to prove their accuracy is better than one trillion percent accurate 分之 1 A, so that a principle of physics, all proved to be the best.

The use of the principle of relativity, general, we find that the universe is not static. Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) in 1928 proved that the universe is expanding, previously shown beyond reasonable doubt the universe form a limited time rise. The most common contemporary interpretation of this expansion is that this started from a large number of existing state 13.7 billion years ago. However, this is not the only possible model of the universe, the existence in the academic community, and to establish and 约翰哈特尼特 many physicists, such as Russell Humphreys has designed a business model most biblical framework - so far - Some critics have withstood the test from the fierce opponents.

Theory of relativity - that proves creation
Using the general theory of relativity together with the observed expansion of the universe, we can infer from the size of the data corresponding to a look further back, should reduce the space research. However, this can not be inferred go. Expansion of the universe, can help us understand the direction of the flow of time. This is the arrow of time known as the universe, which means the future - As the name suggests - the size of Canada Road to the universe. Expansion of the universe also leads to the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the overall entropy (or disorder) in the universe only time can increase the workload, because the energy and time can deteriorate. If the universe is eternal, therefore, this amount of available energy may be exhausted. Therefore, it follows that the entropy of a point in the state is in absolute 0 (the most ordered in the creation of time) and the entropy has been increasing - this is a point in the universe is completely "closed", and has since been wound up the . This has profound theological significance, because it shows that time itself is necessarily limited. If the universe is eternal, the heat energy in the universe would be evenly distributed throughout the universe, the universe united in the very high temperature (the absolute closure of each region 0), no further work possible.

In general relativity time proved, related links, or to the material and space, therefore, the dimension of space time, and material composition of a unity we call. They must take immediate effect is exactly the same. Time itself can not exist without matter and space. Thus, we can infer that uncaused first cause must exist outside the four dimensions of space and time, with the eternal, personal and intellectual qualities, to have a deliberate spatial ability, material - not even time itself - the formation of .

In addition, the physical properties of space and time are also proposed an infinite and eternal creator must exist for the logical point of view. Time means that there is eternal (as the start and end time), meaning infinite space there. Inferred is infinite and eternal creator of the concept, because they found a very state they are God, no matter who is simply beyond.

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u didnt conclude this did u?
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No, I do a google translate, only~ .
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